Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring in Tucson Arizona

It is Spring here in sunny Tucson, AZ. It got up to 96 degrees the other day. Hot Hot Hot!! Everything is blooming and the desert is starting to come alive! Watch out for those rattle snakes they are out and about right now!

Rattle Snake that my Hubby came across the other day!

It really is beautiful in Arizona during spring. The cactus flowers are blooming and the sky is lovely!

There are many trails to walk and nature is so very calming. Take the time to stop and smell the roses this Spring!!

Here at AZ Desert Creations I have been working on many new Tree of Life items. I have added a brooch to the list of wonderful trees to choose from on my web site that I wanted to share with you today.

Green and Blue Aventurine Tree of Life Brooch Wire Wrapped World Tree

The Tree of Life is also known as the World Tree. I have for you a Tree of Life Brooch. It is made with light green and blue aventurine semi precious gemstone chips for the leaves. The pendant is wire wrapped using 16 gauge copper wire for the circle frame. The tree is wire wrapped using pure copper wire. Once I hand formed the frame I then hammered the frame for strength. I hand wrapped the tree limbs adding the light green and blue aventurine semi precious gemstone chips for the tree leaves. I then wire wrapped the tree limbs and formed the tree trunk. From there I wire wrapped the tree roots all by hand. I then added the brooch closure to the back of the Tree of Life wire wrapping it securely in place with copper wire. This brooch is very special and has a ton of flair. All of my Tree of Life items have a 3D effect. Meaning they are not flat. They have a dome shape. All of my Tree of Life items are very unique and one of a kind (OOAK). This brooch will make a fantastic gift for that special person in your life. Introductory Priced at only $30.00 + Shipping!!

Thank you for stopping by to experience a little Arizona with me today!!

AZ Desert Creations


Andrea W Designs Blog said...


Those photographs are beautiful!

JewelryArtByDawn said...

What gorgeous photos - even the rattle snake is beautiful. They haven't made an appearance here yet, but they'll be out any time.

I can see why you love Spring in Tucson!

Pebbles at my Feet said...

I love the photos of spring in the desert. It is an interesting landscape and I can see the inspiration it provides in your work.

Pebbles at my Feet said...

Beautiful photos. I especially love the sunset with the Saguaro (sp?). What an interesting landscape you have all around you. I can wee the inspiration it provides to your work.

CraftsofthePast said...

Glorious new blogs, Jennifer. I will get on over to our 'guild' later today. Am gonna try to make Wanelo work for me ;(

ShadowDogDesigns said...

What a beautiful post, Jennifer! It looks so similar to here in El paso, only we don't have saguaro cactus. The ocotillo is all blooming as are many of the cactus and the desert willow. Need to go out take some pics and share. Haven't run across a rattlesnake, thank heavens, although am always on the watch out when Seamus and I go for a walk and I let him off leash. Am going to have to pat Tucson a visit one of these days. We are almost neighbors! Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer Tuminello said...

If you come to Tucson make sure to let me know so we can get together. That would be great. You know you are going to have to come and visit Maker House once it is open :)

JewelryArtByDawn said...

I want to visit Maker House so badly, I can't stand it!

Jennifer Tuminello said...

I do too!!! I can not wait for it to be open :) I hope I can teach a class :) Super excited about all the great things happening for ArtFire!!!

Ewenique said...

Oh, these photos bring back memories! I grew up in Tucson and will always love the beauty of the desert there. Thanks for sharing!

Ewenique said...

I had to pin the sunset photo to my
Arizona Pinterest board

laos348 said...

Your photos are gorgeous (well, except for the rattle snake, maybe). My favorite is the sky picture. The layers of colors and the shapes make it such a serene picture.

Cathy Morgan said...

Your picture including the snake are beautiful. I love nature of any kind. Your Tree of Life pendants and brooch are beautiful and wonderfully crafted.

Adorebynat said...

Oh how beautiful where you live in, Jennifer. Now I know why there is "desert" on your shop name. Or at least I assumed I know :-)

Love all pictures you have here (aside seeing the rattle snake).


Lisa Bennett said...

Great photos Jennifer - you live in a beautiful, but hot (in the summer) part of the US. Great Tree of Life pendant too.
Lisa :)

Julie and Blu said...

More than beautiful photos. I just love the sunset and the cactus. Thank you for sharing all of these great spring photos. Of course, your tree of life is lovely as usual. They are so neat and so intricate.
Sharing your post.

Apparently, I forgot to comment when I read this in the Checked in Today guild. Sorry, Jennifer.

Julie and Blu