Saturday, February 9, 2013

Time for Desert Banana Pudding

I have been spending a lot of time redoing my ArtFire store and have not had much time to take a break from taking pictures and editing descriptions as of late. So tonight I decided to take some time and have fun with the kids. Anyway my kids are the reason I put so much work into my shop to begin with. You see I use my handmade jewelry craft to raise extra money so I am able to stay home with my babies. That and I love making jewelry.

My Son and I made Banana Pudding!!!! Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!

So tonight I thought I would share a simple desert you can make with your little ones or for your loved ones. I know Banana Pudding has been around for ages, but I find many kids now a days do not know how to make such a simple desert.

Step 1: Get a dish and line the bottom and sides with vanilla wafers.
Step 2: You can make your own pudding or you can use Jello Banana Cream pudding. I use the instant it is to hard to keep the attention of little ones if the pudding takes to long to make. LOL So you mix your pudding until it is firm.
Step 3: Spread a layer of pudding in your dish on top of your wafers.
Step 4: Cut some fresh banana slices and spread them over your layer of pudding.
Step 5: Add another layer of wafers on top of your banana slices.
Step 6: Add another layer of Banana pudding over your wafers.
Step 7: Crush some wafers and sprinkle the cookie over the top of the pudding
Step 8: Cool in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
Step 9: Serve and enjoy!!

I hope everyone enjoys their sweet treat and has a blast making it. :)

Until Next Time!!

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