Monday, February 25, 2013

Creating my Egyptian Coil Bracelet

I wanted to share the process I took to make my Egyptian coil bracelet. I made the bracelet out of copper wire. First I cut all the sections of wire to create the links. Then I filled the ends of all the cut wire so they were smooth. I then marked all the wire for the center points. It was time to start making the coil links.

Once that was done it was time to hammer all the spiral coils to make them strong.

Now it was time to connect all the links and bend them into position.

Now the bracelet is really starting to come together.

Really starting to look great. At this point I had to finish adding the links and make the hook clasp for the end. After 4 hours this wonderful bracelet is finished!!

This Egyptian Coil Bracelet is now listed ion my web site for $60.00 Pop over and check it out!

Until next time!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

New items for AZ Desert Creations

I have posted a few new items to my web site over the last couple of days. I wanted to share them with you and invite you to stop by and take a look around. My product pictures have vastly improved and you can really see all the wonderful items.

First I want to share this Jade Nuggets Adjustable Bangle Bracelet

This bangle bracelet is wire wrapped using copper wire. The focal point of this bracelet is made with four light sapphire dyed jade nuggets. The jade nuggets are a very pretty light blue color. This bangle is completely adjustable to fit your wrist. To size this bangle all you do is slide it around your wrist and press the sides together with very little pressure. The bangle will tighten up. This is a wonderful gift for that special person in your life. Great for Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter. Will make an amazing gift. Only $35.00

Next I want to share with you this Handmade Copper S link bracelet with Handmade Copper Hook Clasp

My handmade copper wire bracelet goes with just about everything. Simple yet chic. Each S link is handmade. I cut, shaped, hammered and connected the figure S links with handmade copper jump rings. The back of the bracelet is a double chainmail or chain maille design. The clasp is a handmade copper hook. Only $30.00

Next I want to share this Copper Wire Wrapped Cream Sea Shell Ring Size 6 or Any Size, Handmade

The focal point of this wire wrapped ring is a cream colored sea shell. I wrapped this ring with pure copper wire. The shank is hammered for strength. This ring would make a great gift for the sea lover in your life. The ring pictured is a size 6. I can make this ring in what ever size you need. Just let me know during checkout that you need this ring in another size and I will make it at NO additional cost to you. All you have to do during checkout is in the box that states "Note to Seller" add "Size (and the size you need)" to your order. Only $15.00

Next I want to share this Japanese Flower Chainmail Earrings, Chain Maille, Handmade

This lovely pair of Japanese style chain maille flowers is by Jennifer of craftybabyhope. This Japanese 6 in 1 chain maille pattern has its roots in Japanese armor from the middle ages. These Japanese Flower earrings are handmade by connecting silver colored jump rings into the flower pattern. The flower is made from 4 mm and 8 mm jump rings. These earrings are super fun and are sure to impress all your friends.Only $15.00

Next I wanted to share this Japanese Triangle Chainmail Necklace, Double Chain Chainmail Necklace

This chain maille necklace has a Japanese Triangle in the front for the focal point. The chain is made using the double chain chainmail method. Done with silver colored jump rings. Each jump ring was hand placed to make this lovely necklace. Simple yet elegant and lovely to wear. The necklace has a lobster claw closure at the back. The jump rings used to make the Japanese triangle are 4mm and 8mm in size. The jump rings used to make the double chain are 6mm in size. This necklace will look amazing no matter what you are wearing. Only $25.00

This is just a few of my newly listed items on my web site. There is more to see. So stop by AZ Desert Creations today to take a look. Mother's Day is coming up fast. Support a Handmade Artist today!!

Until next time,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A New Look

I have had the same blog template for the last 2 years. It was time for a change. Most people that read blogs and do not have one of their own have no idea what we go through when we decide to change things up. Let me tell you it is a LOT of work. Not only do we have to spend hours on the internet looking for the perfect background for our blogs, but we then have to figure out how to change things up. As most everyone knows that has blogger things have changed. In the past all you had to do was pick out a template update the blog and you were done. Not now. I ended up finding a site with really cute backgrounds and banners. Perfect for my new design and look. New Year New look right! So back to what I was saying. I found this site: They have really great backgrounds to choose from. But not only that they have step by step instructions on how to apply them to the new blogger. AWESOME!! Without their help I would have never figured it out. I have been blogging since 2002 so you would figure I would know my way around by now right? Well blogger keeps changing stuff on us. I think they are trying to win back some of the people that left to go to Wordpress. I have nothing against Wordpress and I once in the past had a blog on their site. But I found Blogger easier to use and decided my home should be on a site that was more user friendly so this is were I have stayed. There has been some bugs long the way but I am still here plugging away and hope all of you will stay with me as well. I hope everyone likes my new look. I know I do. :)

Until next time,
AZ Desert Creations

Friday, February 15, 2013

Count Down to Mother's Day

This is the count down to Mother's Day. It will be here before you know it. Look how fast Valentines Day came and went. :) My shop is in a blog hop for Mother's Day this year. I wanted to share with you the hop and give you a chance to support handmade Artists this Mother's Day. When you buy handmade you buy the best. There is a person out there putting their heart and soul into everything they make. When I make a necklace it takes me hours and some times weeks. I search for the perfect combination of stones and the perfect wire pendant form to go with it. I strive to make the item with the best quality I can and I poor love into every item I create. When you buy handmade you are helping to support a family and not putting money into a corporate pocket. Buy handmade this holiday and give the very best. If you have a handmade shop you can add your link as well. So here we go:

Thank you
AZ Desert Creations

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Time for Desert Banana Pudding

I have been spending a lot of time redoing my ArtFire store and have not had much time to take a break from taking pictures and editing descriptions as of late. So tonight I decided to take some time and have fun with the kids. Anyway my kids are the reason I put so much work into my shop to begin with. You see I use my handmade jewelry craft to raise extra money so I am able to stay home with my babies. That and I love making jewelry.

My Son and I made Banana Pudding!!!! Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!

So tonight I thought I would share a simple desert you can make with your little ones or for your loved ones. I know Banana Pudding has been around for ages, but I find many kids now a days do not know how to make such a simple desert.

Step 1: Get a dish and line the bottom and sides with vanilla wafers.
Step 2: You can make your own pudding or you can use Jello Banana Cream pudding. I use the instant it is to hard to keep the attention of little ones if the pudding takes to long to make. LOL So you mix your pudding until it is firm.
Step 3: Spread a layer of pudding in your dish on top of your wafers.
Step 4: Cut some fresh banana slices and spread them over your layer of pudding.
Step 5: Add another layer of wafers on top of your banana slices.
Step 6: Add another layer of Banana pudding over your wafers.
Step 7: Crush some wafers and sprinkle the cookie over the top of the pudding
Step 8: Cool in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
Step 9: Serve and enjoy!!

I hope everyone enjoys their sweet treat and has a blast making it. :)

Until Next Time!!

I am in the process of closing my ArtFire shop and have my own web site now! Please stop by and take a look around. All Handmade All the Time!!!
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Friday, February 8, 2013

I want to #getcrafty with card making!

I created a new Pinterest board with the title #getcrafty so I could enter to win the items in this board to try a new craft. The craft I picked was card making. I have always had an interest about card making and now I have the chance to try it for free. I hope I win. ArtFire is AWESOME for giving us this opportunity. My Board is located here:

AZ Desert Creations

Blog Hop for Valentines Day

Super Cool Blog Hop for Valentines Day!!
I am looking forward to seeing all the cool items that are listed in this blog hop!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Laugh Time with Jewelry for Hope

Sometimes I like to take a break from creating jewelry and chasing kids to sit back and have a good laugh. I was bouncing around FaceBook and I saw this:

I almost fell out of my chair I laughed so hard. I am not sure what makes farts so darn funny. But they are and the look on this cartoon ladies face is priceless. When I finished laughing I had to save the picture and share it with all of y'all. Sometimes we need to just take a break and laugh. Doing so will take away so much stress from our lives. If only for a minute have a good laugh today!

Happy Sunday,