Thursday, June 24, 2010

Todays Featured Smoosher is CNewcomb

CNewcomb aka Chris or more affectionately called "EagleHawk" uses a Scroll saw to create amazing works of art. He even inlays items with polymer clay to give it that pop! Quoting Chris "Creating something beautiful with my hands from a piece of wood brings great joy to me. I love cutting out patterns and sanding and staining my wood creations. Watching a new item begin to look more finished and ready for its owner provides a gratifying sense of calm and peace deep within my soul." As you can clearly see he puts lots of love into every item he creates. Chris lives in Cypress, TX with his wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters. He is a new but very valued member of The Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild. He is a real joy to work with and an all round wonderful guy.

Now to show you some of EagleHawk's amazing creations:

This key chain is made of Poplar wood and white pearl polymer clay for the inlay. Only US $15.00
This key chain is made of Poplar wood and Black and light gold polymer clay for the inlay. Only US $15.00
Made from oak and only US $30.00

Chris has tons more to see over at his ArtFire Studio. I almost forgot to mention he is having a 10 percent off sale this week in honer of being our featured Smoosher. Use Coupon Code: 10PERCENT during checkout.

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Jewelry Virginia said...

Thats a good way of make beautiful show pieces.

Anonymous said...

Love his woodworking

coltpixy said...

I love his work. The polymer clay inlays are so cool.

Valerie said...

Great post! I admire his work!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of mixing clay with wood.

intothedawn said...

He does such great work, and the clay inlays are such a great idea!

Haffina said...

Fabulous work with polymer clay and with wood. Nice post.

Cat said...

Lovely post!

kitchen tables said...

Key chains are perfect. That is what you call an art. The detail of your wood work was so perfect. I love what you do. Keep it up.