Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today's Featured Artist ColtPixy

Star aka ColtPixy is the guild master of the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild.

Lets get to know Star:
She has studied art and crafts her entire life. She does not have a favorite medium to work with. She LOVES them all! For many years she did nothing but paint. Her husband introduced her to stained glass. She loves working with glass but there is a LOT of scrap. She hates wasting anything. This led to mosaics. For about 10 years she rarely made anything but mosaics. In the past few years she has discovered that she really is happier not limiting herself to just that.

With the freedom of using different mediums came the ability to explore, learn and express herself more freely.

She prefers things that are one of a kind. So most of her items are just that OOAK. When she does reproduce something she incorporates subtle differences so that they are not exactly alike. Two roses on a vine are both similar but there are subtle differences that make each unique.

Right now her focus is mainly on polymer clay. She is a fantastic artist with wonderful items. You can check out her shop HERE and her blog HERE.

Next I would like to share a few of my favorite items in Star's Studio:

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Am I Twitty for Twitter

Am I Twitty for Twitter?? I would have to say YES!! I for one love Twitter. One line posts and you can post all day long. Do you have Twitter? I know I do and you can find me HERE. I tweet about life, sales, new items listed in my ArtFire shop and anything I can think of. LOL I love twitting about other artists and their handmade items as well. If you do not have a Twitter account go get one. I love to be able to see what everyone is up to. But I never post exactly were I am. This can be dangerous. Have fun with it! and Follow me on TWITTER!!!

Go tweet today and have fun with everyone that is as crazy about twitter as I am.
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A No Cost Option to Photo Editing

Every one knows money is tight right now. If you are getting into selling online or you just need a photo editing program that is no cost for personal use Picasa3 is an awesome program. It is easy to use and best of all it costs you nothing. Picasa is made by Google. If you want to download a copy of Picasa3 you can CLICK HERE to download it. Picasa will automatically find all the photos on your computer and it will organize them in a matter of seconds. Which is great for me. I hate hunting for all my pictures. lol You can improve almost any picture with Picasa's one-click fixes for common problems like red-eye, color, and lighting. You can also use tuning and effects to make your photos look even better. The best thing about Picasa is it is super easy to use and super easy to learn. You do not need to read a 500 page book to learn to use the program.

This is my pick of the week to share with everyone.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild Bug Challenge

I am a member of a fantastic guild: Polymer Clay Smooshers and this month our challenge was to create things with a bug theme. I really enjoyed this challenge and today I want to share my entries with you. The items are available in my ArtFire Studio. We can create 2 items for the challenge.

For my first piece I made a ladybug brooch.

For my second piece I made some post earrings. In this set you get both pairs of earrings. One pair is ladybugs on a leaf and the second it butterfly's on a leaf.

All are hand sculpted from polymer clay by me. :) I hope you enjoy these new additions to my collection of items in my ArtFire studio. I also made 4 new pairs of earrings that I will be listing to my studio today. Check back often for more great items. As always profits from my shop will be used for infertility treatments. Thank you to everyone that has made a purchase from my shop. Your support gives me great hope for the future.


Friday, May 21, 2010

New Items Button Hair Clips

I have been creating some new items for my studio and I wanted to share them with you today.

First I have a really pretty set of two circle patters hair clips.

Second I wanted to share my new set of two striped and flower hair clips.

Next I wanted to show you my set of two black, white and pink hair clips.

Also my set of two polymer clay flower button hair clips.

Kawaii Polymer Clay Doughnut Hair Barrettes Clips Set of 2

Kawaii Super Sweet Candy Barrette, Cupcake, Lollipops, Doughnut, Cake

I had a lot of fun making all these wonderful hair accessories for my studio. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.