Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What I love about my ArtFire Pro account!

There is a bunch to love about ArtFire Pro selling account. But today I want to list a few and then tell you about my favorite.
1. I can have links on my Studio to my blog, website, facebook, youtube and more.
2. I can list as much as I want and never have to pay a listing fee and I can sell all I want without paying a fee.
3. I can have categories in my Studio.
4. I can send tweets from my product pages.
5. I can arrange my products in my Studio the way I want them to appear. I can even arrange the individual categories.
There are a TON more features and you can find them all listed on the Sell crafts page: http://www.artfire.com/sell-crafts

Here is my favorite of all!
The FaceBook Kiosk. I can have a kiosk on my personal facebook page as well as my FanPage. People do not have to sign up for an account with ArtFire to purchase my handmade items. It is easy for buyers and it is easy for me. :)

So if you make handmade goods or have vintage items  you can sell on ArtFire for little or no fees. The Pro accounts are only $15.95 per month with no contract. You can downgrade your pro at any time if you want and go to a basic account for free. But after experiencing Pro I do not know why anyone would want to go basic. :)

For great handmade items in my Studio go here: http://craftybabyhope.artfire.com