Monday, April 19, 2010

Today's Featured Artisan is jYoulry

Lets get to know our featured Artisan jYoulry.

1. What is your name?

2. How did you come into your craft?
Several years ago I "discovered" photo jewelry... I had a necklace made with a photo of my twins which were 3 at the time. When I was pregnant with my baby, I contacted the woman that made it to order a new one when the baby was born. She was no longer making them, which of course turned into a great thing for me! I was really sad at the time because I loved my photo pendant of the boys and really wanted a new one of all three when the baby arrived. So I decided to make one myself! It didn't take long to realize I could not only make myself one, but I could sell them too. And that was the beginning of my new business endeavor...

3. Tell us a little about the artist behind the art?
Well most importantly I am a mother of 3 beautiful boys! My twins are almost 7 and my baby just turned 1. Of course I love to show them off, hence the photo jewelry, LOL. I am also an interior designer. Before relocating to Panama, yes the country, I lived in sunny SW Florida and had a very successful design firm. Unfortunately with the economy the way that it is... we decided to close the firm and move to Panama, where my husband is originally from. Because of the language barrier, my Spanish is not that great, I decided not to continue to design here. Although 3 boys keep my life spinning in circles, I needed something creative to do, so when the opportunity to make and sell the photo jewelry presented itself... I took it. Now of course the designer in me just had to come out sometime and that's when I created the "jYOUlry Signature Collection" a line of sterling silver photo jewelry designed by me (more to come).

4. How did you come up with the name for your Studio?
I sat with my laptop and just wrote down words, like picture, photo, design, etc... and played around with them trying to come up with something creative, something that wasn't already used. I was also playing with combining words and had inadvertently come up with more of a tag line, like "photo jewelry, where the jewel is you" and suddenly it hit me, the jewel is you... jYOUlry! I loved it instantly. I googled it and checked it out on etsy and no one was using it!!! So yeah, I found something unique, creative and describes what it is I do, at least I think it does, LOL.

5. What is your all time passion?
Hmmm, good question!
I asked my husband and he says my passion is pizza. Although I have to admit I really do LOVE pizza, I am not sure I would call it my passion. I guess I really don't have one. Designing was my passion but since I haven't practiced in over 2 years and don't even miss it that much, ok a little, ok maybe a lot, but now I am not so sure its actually my passion... I think right now my passion is to discover what my true passion is, if that makes any sense. For now I am enjoying being able to be a stay home mom and watch my little guys grow, while still being able to create beautiful things for others... hey, maybe that's my passion... creating beautiful things for others. That's what i essentially did as an interior designer and its what I love about designing jewelry too. 

Now lets take a look at a few of the wonderful items Lisa has in her Studio:

Multi Strand Sterling Silver O Bracelet with Photo Charm Links -3

Custom Photo on Solar Eclipse Key Chain, Personalized

This is just a few of the wonderful things you will find at jYoulry. Check out her studio for more awesome items. :)

 As for me :) I am always listing new items to my Studio. As always profits from my studio will go into the infertility treatment fund. Thank you for your support.


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