Thursday, April 8, 2010

Featured Guild Artisans: Polymer Clay Smooshers

I will say this out of all the guilds I am a member of I love my smooshers guild the best. There is some very AWESOME talent in this guild. So today I want to feature the wonderful people in the Polymer Clay Smooshers.

First we have ColtPixy. Lets get to know her :)
She has studied art and crafts her entire life. With the freedom of using different mediums came the ability to explore, learn and express herself more freely. Preferring things that are one of a kind. Right now her focus is mainly on polymer clay. She is currently the guild master for the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild.
Her most favorite item in her studio is:

Filigree Egg With Flowers polymer clay

Now we will move on to: 2goodclaymates
Lets learn a bit more about this artist. Her name is Carolyn and she's always been interested in creating her own designs which started early with sewing her own clothes and accessories. From there she discovered fine arts in high school where she enjoyed silk screening, batiking and painting. In college Carolyn continued her studies in painting, sewing and design. Her work has varied from floral designing (and owning her own flower shop) to creating one of a kind purses and eyeglass pouches. Color has always played an important role in her art so it was only natural to branch out into bead work and since discovering polymer clay, she has been able to apply all of these techniques to this new art form.
Her most favorite item in her studio is:

Red and Coral Pink Pendant Style Necklace

Now we will move on to: HaffinaCreations
Lets get to know the artist :)
She is a super busy Mom of 5 with a love of jewellery and creating... and now she is offering it for others to enjoy. She lives in Australia. She gains inspiration from everything at different times. She has a very eclectic tastes and this will be apparent in the variation of items available in her studio.
Her most favorite item in her studio is:

Cherry Blossom Polymer Clay and Bead Embroidery Necklace

Now lets move on to: PositivelyCharmingThings
Lets get to know this artist :)
Her name is Niki. She lives in Phoenix Arizona, with her young daughter, her husband, and two cats. She is currently working full time out of the home in a non-artsy related job, but hoping that some day she will be able to work full time at home. She has this need to work with her hands, creating. It doesn't matter if it's a hand made card, a hair bow for her daughter, a knitted blanket, or a nice bracelet or something sculpted out of polymer clay - She is simply not happy unless she is creating something.
Her most favorite item in her studio is:

Pink and White Swirly Polymer Clay Heart with Organza Necklace

Now we are going to move on to: EmilyClaireCreations
Lets get to know the artist :)
Her name is Valerie and she is a stay at home mom, with two beautiful daughters. She was born and raised in the rust belt of Ohio. She came from a declining industrial area, which she believes has colored her influences and attitude. She finds beauty in nature and industrial decay. Northeast Ohio boasts of both and it makes for an eclectic and inspirational pallet.
Her most favorite item in her studio is:

Copper Verdigris Lotus Necklace

Last but by far NOT least I give you:  SassyClayCreations
Lets get to know her better :)
She works with polymer clay and enjoy it immensely. She may add beads or other items to make a piece more interesting. She loves creating something wonderful from all the colors of clay.
Her favorite item in her Studio is:

Flower Covered Bowl

 Thank you everyone for taking a Smooshers Guild Fine artisan ride with me today. Check out the wonderful artists and as always live long, smile lots and love completely.

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Cat said...

A great guild and talented members! :-D

Moriah said...

found you through MBC and now following your blog.

Come check out mine!