Friday, January 1, 2010

January Give Away!!!!!

OK OK I know I said in the next 2 days but I was so excited I just could not wait 2 whole days.

Here is how to enter the contest:

1. NO purchase is necessary! But if you do make a purchase from one of my stores you will receive a free gift with your order AND 5 extra entries in the drawing.
Jewelry for Hope on ArtFire
Jewelry for Hope on Etsy

2. Not required to enter: If you become a Follower of my blog you will get 1 extra entry into the drawing. If you already follow my Blog you will still receive an extra entry to win. Just do not forget to select that option in the entry page.

3. Not required to enter: If you make a blog post on your blog about this contest linking back to this post you will receive 2 extra entries into the drawing.

3. To get just one entry into the drawing with no extra entries all you have to do is enter to win.

It is just that simple. So hurry and enter to win NOW!! I will be running this contest for 2 weeks. You can enter to win the contest up until midnight on January 15, 2010

Good luck everyone and remember the more entries you have the better your chances to win :)

You are entering to win a stunning pair of HAND MADE birds nest earrings. :)



twondra said...

Hey Jen! I tried to submit an entry and tried to click on "all that applied", but it would only let me click on 1. I'm not sure what happened. But, I did put the contest on my blog and am a follower. :)

I want to win soooo bad. :) :)

Thanks Jen!!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for letting me know Tammy. I have fixed the issue. I hope and I will edit your entry to include your extra entries. Good Luck :)

Jennifer said...

Yeppers Tammy I got it fixed now. Thank you for letting me know it was being goofy LOL

Anonymous said...

What beautiful earrings! Stopping by from SITS to say HI - have a great day!