Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Items Coming Soon

I have a bunch of new items coming very soon. I have learned many new techniques and I am super happy about the results. I will be listing a Tree of Life Pendant very soon as well. Merry Christmas to everyone!! I am thinking very seriously about putting some of my items up on etsy as well. I will post the store link once that is done. Thank you Tammy for your order and I hope you enjoy your surprise free gift with your order. :)

Jewelry for Hope
A Look into my Life

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wire Wrap Rings For Sale

All The profits from jewelry sold on this blog will go to infertility treatments.

Wire Wrap Swarovski crystal Size 6 1/2 Ring

This ring is wire wrapped by hand with silver coated copper wire. It has 1 Swarovski crystal. Hammered for strength. This ring is a size 6 1/2. I am not able to make this ring in another size sorry. Only one of this ring is available

Price: $15.00
Shipping and Handling to the US: $3.00

Art Fire Shop

Wire Wrap Rosette Ring Size ANY Ring

This ring is wrapped in copper wire. It is a stunning Rosette. I can make this ring to order in any size you want from size 1 to size 15. This ring will look fabulous no matter what you are wearing. If the size is not listed in the drop down please send a note with your order including the size. Yes I can make this ring in 1/2 sizes as well. :)

Price: $8.00
Shipping and Handling to the US: $3.00